Q: The map indicates the vehicle is stopped, however the vehicle is currently moving.

A: Remedy: This is caused by either of two potential Issues:

– The device is not transmitting.

– The antenna does not have a clear view of the sky (If lat-0 and lon=0, the device is not transmitting.

Q: The system shows my vehicle to be hundreds of yards from its actual location.

A: Remedy: This GPS device does not have a good view of the sky.

– Antenna position is critical to reliable and accurate operation.

Q: When the device came on this morning, it indicated an earlier location position.

A: Remedy: The brown wire is not correctly connected to the accessory 12v (ignition) power source. The device is unable to properly store its last known location.

Q: When I login, only the map appears without my vehicle present.

A: Remedy: In almost every case, this is due to a newly installed device and the unit has not yet transmitted its first packet of data (and thus cannot render on the map because we don’t yet know its location). It generally requires 5 minutes after power up for a device to begin transmitting.

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