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Geo-Trax Fleet Series Garmin® nüvi®/dēzl™ Integration Cable

$79.95 $49.95

Integration cable, connect Geo-Trax Fleet Series devices to a Garmin® nüvi® or dēzl™ PND. Use the Garmin® nüvi®/dēzl™ Integration Cable to connect to your Geo-Trax Fleet Series device allowing for digital dispatch and routing from the cloud-based tracking portal. Unlimited messaging to/from device from any computer. Unparalleled dispatch and communications functionality.


Geo-Trax Device Additional Wiring Harness

$39.95 $24.95

Wiring harness for the Geo-Trax GPS tracking devices. Life happens and sometimes you need to start from the beginning. That’s also true with wiring electronics as well. EasyTracGPS recommends the use of originally manufactured wiring harnesses. This wiring harness is designed specifically for Geo-Trax Series devices.