Seamless freight transportation — where goods flow rapidly from door to door using the most cost-efficient and reliable transport modes in harmony with each other — has long been an industry buzzword more talked about than consistently executed.

Is the idea that this type of synchronicity a necessity for sustainable and greener growth taking hold? Well, perhaps. At least that’s a theme from the International Transport Forum’s 2012 Transport Outlook, which is titled, “Seamless Transport for Greener Growth.”

ITF is a 53-member intergovernmental organization that’s basically a strategic think-tank on global transport policy issues surrounding “economic growth, environmental protection, social inclusion and the preservation of human life and well-being.”

The 2008 financial crisis triggered a severe drop in demand that lead to big reductions in global output, trade and transport volumes, the ITF says. “The fall in trade was larger than the drop in output, and the fall in transport volumes was larger than the drop in trade volumes,” the report says.