Wireless GPS Tracking Devices. They’re Awesome, and Only Getting Better!

The GPS tracking industry has, up to this point, had an exciting 1st quarter of 2013! The pace at which major events and breakthroughs are occurring really is unprecedented. The entire GPS ecosystem is undergoing an important face-lift, new nano-satellite technology is front-and-center; GPS tracking continues to protect our roads, keep loved ones safe and secure,…

Lockheed Martin Completes Major GPS III Flight Software Milestone

The GPS System Is Improving, GPS in the Law, and Medical GPS. Oh My!

As a GPS tracking provider, we’re privileged in that we’re exposed to most all of the latest and greatest ideas, as well as being daily witnesses to some of  the endless possibilities for GPS technology and related applications. EasyTracGPS’ specialty is in tracking things…be it a car, a person, a package, a pet, what have you. We also specialize in…


Is a Quantum Leap In GPS Technology on the Horizon?

“It’s not about embracing technology anymore… It’s about *Mastering* it” – Clyde DeSouza “Small” can be considered a holy grail in the world of GPS technology. In the past, size… specifically too much of it, has hindered countless practical applications for GPS. Recent history is littered with examples of “smaller” representing insurmountable challenges in receiver advancements, battery chemistry limitations, reliable…