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Covert GPS vehicle tracking leads to fired state labor employee.

GPS Tracking Leads to Fired Labor Employee. Case in Appeals Court.

GPS tracking leads to the firing of a New York state labor employee. The case is currently in the state Court of Appeals, and the outcome is being watched...
Man wearing GPS tracking device linked to more than 20 crimes

GPS Tracking News & Gossip for Friday May 24, 2013

It's Friday!! Which of course means that as we wrap up another week, we've come across new and ever-increasing examples of GPS tracking finding its way into our society, and...
Recent solar flares could potentially harm GPS, satellites, power lines, and more.

GPS Tracking and Recent Solar Flares: The Potential Effects of Space Weather

Both NASA and Japanese scientists warn that recent solar flares could potentially disrupt GPS tracking, as well as other applications that rely on the GPS constellation. Just to be clear, solar...

GPS Tracking Meeting Resistance From Police and Fire Unions

GPS tracking has long been a tool used in the effective deployment of police and fire fleets, helping to enhance dispatch operations and improve response times. However, recent disciplinary...
EasyTracGPS' Intellimatics GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking News – The Latest Developments in GPS Tracking Technology for Sunday May...

GPS tracking technology continues to alter the landscape of the world that we live in. It transforms location and movement data and gives real meaning to what's happening with...

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Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding

Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding THE FIRST ALERT came on January 27. Two small satellites, whirling through Earth's low orbits, had “the...
GPS Offender Tracking

Offender GPS Monitoring Set to Expand in the UK

Offender GPS Monitoring Set to Expand in the UK Thousands of criminals in England and Wales will be tagged with GPS trackers to allow authorities...
Life Without GPS

The Air Force Practices for the Nightmare Scenario. Life Without GPS.

  Space has become an increasingly important area of operations for commercial industry and the U.S. military. Plummeting launch costs and the miniaturization of powerful technology...