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GPS Tracking Leads Chicago Police To Recover Stolen Cars, Investigation Ongoing

GPS tracking helps Chicago Police recover more than 100 vehicles and other assorted equipment from a South Side tow yard. A stolen rental car with an installed tracking device...

GPS Tracking Spearheads Conditioning Program For Rugby Players

GPS technology can offer so much more than merely driving directions, and this is one more example of just that. A European rugby team has begun using GPS tracking...

GPS Technology Helps Coordinate Firefighting Efforts

This is an innovative GPS application, and one that is sure to bear fruit for the emergency responders that take advantage of, and perfect, the technology. Fire departments in...

GPS Tracking Leads To Arrest of Serial Thief.

It's GPS tracking to the rescue again. Actually, there has been a unfortunate theme to much of the recent news involving tracking technology. There have been civil court proceedings,...
GPS tracking of cabbies causing an uproar.

GPS Tracking of Cabbies Causing an Uproar. Federal Complaint Filed.

GPS tracking of taxi drivers in NYC is at the heart of a new complaint filed in Manhattan federal court. Cabbies and the Taxi Commission are gearing up for...

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Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding

Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding THE FIRST ALERT came on January 27. Two small satellites, whirling through Earth's low orbits, had “the...
GPS Offender Tracking

Offender GPS Monitoring Set to Expand in the UK

Offender GPS Monitoring Set to Expand in the UK Thousands of criminals in England and Wales will be tagged with GPS trackers to allow authorities...
Life Without GPS

The Air Force Practices for the Nightmare Scenario. Life Without GPS.

  Space has become an increasingly important area of operations for commercial industry and the U.S. military. Plummeting launch costs and the miniaturization of powerful technology...