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Friday, November 27, 2020
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GPS Tracking – Township Discussing Vehicle Tracking System After Sewerage Authority Scam

Deputy Mayor Anthony Minniti wants to propose legislation that would require all township-owned vehicles to carry GPS tracking devices, in light of recent theft and corruption charges brought to...

GPS Tracking & Fleet Management – NACFE releases fuel management survey results

At the Technology and Maintenance Council Spring Meeting in Tampa, Fla., the North American Council for Freight Efficiency announced the results of a seven-year study on fleet fuel economy...

GPS Tracking & Fleet Management – Breakthrough Fuel CEO to speak at SNC strategy...

DE PERE — Craig Dickman, CEO and CIO of Breakthrough Fuel, will present "Breakthrough Innovations at Work: Insights on Leading an Industry Transformation" on March 8 as part of...

GPS Tracking & Fleet Management – Diesel Fuel Costs Rises in Fourth Straight Gain

Fuel prices continued to climb across the U.S. this week, surpassing $4/gal. in some areas to over $5 in California as industry analysts predict that prices will rise further...

Vending Fleets: ROI For Telematics Users Improved; Driver Behavior Is No. 1 Reason For...

NORTHBROOK, IL -- Route delivery is a central feature of operators providing merchandise vending, office refreshment, amusement and music services, so every operation depends on its motor vehicle fleet....

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GPS Tracking Distributor. GPS Partners Program.