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Driving-Style Fingerprinting

Can You Be ID’d Solely by Your Driving Style? Your Car Says Yes.

THE WAY YOU drive is surprisingly unique. And in an era when automobiles have become data-harvesting, multi-ton mobile computers, the data collected by your car—or one you rent or...
Are self-driving trucks the wave of the future?

Are self-driving trucks the wave of the future?

Technology giant Google (GOOG), well-known for its active involvement in self-driving cars, already has a patent for a “package delivery platform” which is indicative of its plans to work...
Proper Covert Tracking Device Installation

Discover How to Properly Install a Wireless Tracking Device

Properly installing a wireless tracking device is crucial to its performance in the field. A poor install can result in a device that is so unreliable it can be a...
GPS Tracking, IoT, and M2M, Oh My! Making Sense of it All.

GPS, IoT, and M2M, Oh My! Making Sense of it All.

GPS, IoT, and M2M. If you're confused by this alphabet soup, don't worry, you're not alone. Each of these technologies can stand alone but, each one is also complimentary...
GPS Implant

B.C. City Council Votes for Sci-Fi GPS Tracking Implants

High-risk offenders in a British Columbia town must be shaking in their boots. But is it out of fear, or laughter? The Williams Lake city council voted unanimously in favor of...

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