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Warrantless GPS Tracking

The Courts Remain Divided on Warrant-less GPS Tracking

Warrant-less GPS tracking, and Fourth Amendment search rights violations, remains a hotly contested debate in courtrooms across the country. Dissension among judges seems to be the rule, and not...
GPS IIF-7 Satellite Launch

The 3rd GPS IIF Satellite of 2014 Successfully Launched

August 2nd, 2014, Cape Canaveral, FL - Early Saturday morning, after an approximate 3 1/2 hours of flight, the GPS IIF satellite vehicle finally separated from the United Launch Alliance Atlas...

Cutting-Edge GPS Tracking Systems

Since 2004, Chicago-area based EasyTracGPS has been the global leader in delivering cutting-edge GPS tracking systems that continue to make the world a smaller place. The landscape is not trending towards change,...
GPS Satellite Rocket-Maker Owned by Elon Musk Sues Air Force

GPS Satellite Rocket-Maker Owned by Elon Musk To Sue Air Force

GPS satellite launches, controlled by the U.S. Air Force, could potentially be open to additional competition. SpaceX, Inc., and CEO Elon Musk, plan a Friday complaint filing with the...
GPS Tracking of Children

GPS Tracking Devices To Monitor Children Under-perform

Parents can worry and imagine the worst. The setting could be a crowded and rowdy carnival, or perhaps the local superstore. The walk home from school might induce nervous...

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Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding

Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding THE FIRST ALERT came on January 27. Two small satellites, whirling through Earth's low orbits, had “the...
GPS Offender Tracking

Offender GPS Monitoring Set to Expand in the UK

Offender GPS Monitoring Set to Expand in the UK Thousands of criminals in England and Wales will be tagged with GPS trackers to allow authorities...
Life Without GPS

The Air Force Practices for the Nightmare Scenario. Life Without GPS.

  Space has become an increasingly important area of operations for commercial industry and the U.S. military. Plummeting launch costs and the miniaturization of powerful technology...