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Satellite image of crowds on the National Mall (Jan. 20th, 2009), courtesy: GeoEye for CNN. Satellite images were unavailable for this year's inauguration due to heavy cloud cover.

The Month in GPS, GPS Technology in the News.

This month provided some interested news and developments in the world of GPS technology. Mother nature ruined the party as GeoEye's planned satellite images of the presidential inauguration were...
Rockwell Collins Reports Breakthrough in Micro GPS

Is a Quantum Leap In GPS Technology on the Horizon?

“It's not about embracing technology anymore... It's about *Mastering* it” - Clyde DeSouza "Small" can be considered a holy grail in the world of GPS technology. In the past, size... specifically too much of...
Lockheed Martin Logo

Lockheed wins $100 million GPS contract with the Air Force

During the early days of GPS, as it was first coming to fruition, Air Force Space Command became the military arm selected to take the reigns of the GPS...

Everywhere you look…GPS, GPS, GPS. And there’s more where that came from too!

Being that EasyTracGPS is a GPS tracking provider, of course we are plugged into the all of the current news and latest events in the world of GPS. We hear...
GPS tracking catches another criminal!

GPS Tracking Nabs Another Crook. You Would Think They Would Have Learned By Now!

Every once in awhile, actually quite frequently, I'll come across an article about how GPS tracking played a vital role in catching a deserving criminal. And wouldn't you know...

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Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding

Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding THE FIRST ALERT came on January 27. Two small satellites, whirling through Earth's low orbits, had “the...
GPS Offender Tracking

Offender GPS Monitoring Set to Expand in the UK

Offender GPS Monitoring Set to Expand in the UK Thousands of criminals in England and Wales will be tagged with GPS trackers to allow authorities...
Life Without GPS

The Air Force Practices for the Nightmare Scenario. Life Without GPS.

  Space has become an increasingly important area of operations for commercial industry and the U.S. military. Plummeting launch costs and the miniaturization of powerful technology...