During the early days of GPS, as it was first coming to fruition, Air Force Space Command became the military arm selected to take the reigns of the GPS program, and to this day they still manage most all D.O.D. space systems.

Lockheed wins $100 million GPS contract
Lockheed wins $100 million GPS contract - Image courtesy: www.eventbrite.com

The AFSC’s “Space and Missile Systems Center” actually oversees all U.S. satellite launches, they complete all of the daily orbit checks and maintenance, and support the NAVSTAR Global Positioning, the Defense Satellite Communications, and MILSTAR Systems. Just yesterday, it was announced that Lockheed Martin had won a $100 million contract to support the GPS program at the Air Force Space Command Space and Missile Center at Schriever AFB Colorado. The contract negotiated runs through 2019, and will ensure that all aspects of civilian GPS will remain available to its billions of users worldwide. Congratulations to Lockheed on another great win!  The original article can be found at the link below.

Lockheed wins $100 million GPS contract – courtesy: csbj.com

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