Preventing Construction Jobsite Theft

In today’s tough economic climate, the last situation a construction company wants to face is loss due to jobsite theft. Luckily, there are technologies available to construction firms that...

New video offers a remarkable space trip for those grounded by reality

An awesome video created by Tomislav Safundzic, an 18-year-old video editor from Croatia.  Great work and keep it up!

Checkout EasyTracGPS’ New Pinterest Page

We wanted to find a creative way to infuse GPS tracking into a visually impressive collage of images....and we had an epiphany.  G.P.S. - Great Places to See.  We're...

We’ve been playing it safe with our blog. But that changes today. ...

We could have just chalked this up to a learning process and then made our changes but, in the interest of transparency, we wanted to fill in the gaps...

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