Satellite image of crowds on the National Mall (Jan. 20th, 2009), courtesy: GeoEye for CNN. Satellite images were unavailable for this year's inauguration due to heavy cloud cover.

The Month in GPS, GPS Technology in the News.

This month provided some interested news and developments in the world of GPS technology. Mother nature ruined the party as GeoEye's planned satellite images of the presidential inauguration were...
GPS Implant

B.C. City Council Votes for Sci-Fi GPS Tracking Implants

High-risk offenders in a British Columbia town must be shaking in their boots. But is it out of fear, or laughter? The Williams Lake city council voted unanimously in favor of...
Rockwell Collins Reports Breakthrough in Micro GPS

Is a Quantum Leap In GPS Technology on the Horizon?

“It's not about embracing technology anymore... It's about *Mastering* it” - Clyde DeSouza "Small" can be considered a holy grail in the world of GPS technology. In the past, size... specifically too much of...

Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding

Close call as two satellites barely miss colliding THE FIRST ALERT came on January 27. Two small satellites, whirling through Earth's low orbits, had “the potential for a conjunction.” Those are...
Wireless GPS Tracking Device

Wireless GPS Tracking Devices. They’re Awesome, and Only Getting Better!

The GPS tracking industry has, up to this point, had an exciting 1st quarter of 2013! The pace at which major events and breakthroughs are occurring really is unprecedented. The...

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