The Comet Cruiser bus fleets’ 18,000 riders experience the convenience of GPS tracking technology.

New GPS Tracking System Helps Riders Track Bus Locations From Afar
New GPS System Helps Riders Track Bus Locations From Afar

This is a great story from this past week demonstrating the growth of GPS fleet tracking in the public transit sector, and the user-friendly benefits that it offers. The University of Texas at Dallas public transit bus fleet, Comet Cruiser, has recently added 5 new busses as well as technology upgrades that enhance convenience for their student riders.

Inclement weather was severely impacting schedule integrity of the fleet, and their students were suffering as a result. Among other enhancements and in commendable fashion, the university has invested in GPS tracking to improve the transit experience for the riders.


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  1. It’s so interesting to see that public transportation is getting GPS tracking. It would be so nice for people who need to catch a bus! They would always be able to know if the bus is running early or late.