GPS tracking for dementia patients in the U.K. is being adopted by law enforcement. Not everyone is on-board with the idea.

GPS tracking for dementia patients in the U.K.
GPS tracking for dementia patients in the U.K.

In a pilot program, law enforcement in the U.K. has adopted GPS tracking technology to assist in searching for and locating dementia patients who have gone missing. It is viewed as a valuable, innovative, and cost-effective tool for police…one that will reduce anxiety for the families.  Not everyone shares this point of view.

Pensioner groups believe that by tracking selected dementia sufferers, they would be categorized and treated much like criminals who are being tracked by similar technology.
It is being referred to as “barbaric” and “crude”. There, obviously, is widespread misunderstanding regarding exactly how GPS tracking is going to be used for this application. It seems that this issue, at least for the foreseeable future, will remain a hot topic in the U.K. Perhaps transparency and collaboration could lend some understanding to the goals of the program, and ultimately remedy this contentious stalemate.


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