KISSIMMEE, FL. Joyce Brenny, owner of Brenny Transportation and Brenny Specialized, was named the second annual “Influential Woman in Trucking” by the Women In Trucking Assn. The award is sponsored by Navistar and was presented this week at a ceremony at the Truckload Carriers Assn. annual meeting.

The “2012 Influential Woman in Trucking” award seeks to recognize a woman in the trucking industry who makes or influences key decisions and who has demonstrated a record of responsibility and success in mentoring other women, according to the Women In Trucking Assn.


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    • Thank you for the participation. Keep coming back…we’ll be posting some fresh info soon. We’re not crazy about data logging devices at EasyTracGPS. Devices deployed in logging applications are “reactive” devices, with data to be stored and downloaded at a later date. At EasyTrac, we’re all about “pro-active” actionable information….the kind that our clients can make a decision on NOW, not two weeks from now. With the current state of the worldwide economy and with commodities prices soaring, especially fuel, circling the wagons to ensure supply chain integrity is key to maintaining profitably. In today’s market, there has been a paradigm shift. Holes in the supply chain are amplified and have significant impact, filtering all the way down to the prices you see on the shelves at your local grocery store. We specialize in enlightening our clients as to what their assets ARE doing, not what they WERE doing…..where their vehicles and employees ARE, not where they WERE. There is a market for data logging devices, to be sure, and they do have a place….just not with EasyTracGPS. Thank you again for your participation.


      Daniel Villalobos II – Director of Sales & Marketing
      EasyTracGPS, LLC.