It’s GPS tracking to the rescue again. Actually, there has been a unfortunate theme to much of the recent news involving tracking technology. There have been civil court proceedings, offenders cutting off their GPS tracking devices, right to privacy issues, and now this. Fingers crossed that the some good news is on the way!

GPS Tracking Leads To Arrest of Serial Thief
GPS Tracking Leads To Arrest of Serial Thief.

Authorities in Oklahoma have just been witness to the power of GPS tracking technology. A serial offender had been on the prowl, and hundreds of barrels of crude oil was being stolen and sold for profit. The crimes were occurring in the same two counties and, having a suspect already in mind, law enforcement properly applied for a warrant to deploy a GPS tracking device. After a judge signed off, things started to move quickly.

With the tracking device now leading the way, the evidence started to accumulate against the suspect. Law enforcement was able to follow and catalog the movements of their suspect, Mark Dale Bass. Ironically, Bass had been arrested for the same crime the previous year. This is what initially gave police probable cause to request the warrant, and the judge reason to sign off on it so quickly.

GPS tracking may have kick-started the investigation but, it was good old fashioned detective work that brought things to a close. Law enforcement also discovered tire tracks, boot prints and other evidence that, combined with the electronic evidence supplied by the GPS tracking device, now have Mr. Bass facing numerous charges. He is currently out on bond. Criminals beware, you never know when the eye in the sky is watching!