This is an innovative GPS application, and one that is sure to bear fruit for the emergency responders that take advantage of, and perfect, the technology. Fire departments in Mississippi have begun an adoption of GPS technology that will help plan and coordinate firefighting efforts on the fly.

GPS Technology Helps Coordinate Firefighting Efforts

Both Tupelo and Saltillo, Mississippi have begun a GPS project that should result in faster and more prepared responses to structure fires. Personnel is not only logging GPS coordinates but also all important information about of each fire hydrant, including water flow, and more. When an emergency call is received, and the location of a fire is known, all essential information on the nearest hydrants will also be available. This will allow on-the-fly planning that will save valuable time when the trucks are in route to the scene.

The project is currently ongoing and the GPS information of each available hydrant is in the process of being logged into a geographic database. They are also in the process of sourcing the mobile computing technology that will give access to the information while each fire engine is in transit. Congratulations to the cities of Tupelo and Saltillo for being on the cutting-edge, and for bringing new age innovation to their firefighting efforts!


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