Since 2004, Chicago-area based EasyTracGPS has been the global leader in delivering cutting-edge GPS tracking systems that continue to make the world a smaller place.

The landscape is not trending towards change, change has already arrived. Mobile GPS tracking applications and wireless connectivity have become intertwined in the very fabric of our global society. GPS tracking is now a critical component in government actions, public and private fleet strategies, law enforcement tactics, mobile workforce management, private investigations, personal protection and security, offender monitoring programs, and the list continues to grow. 

 To level the playing field and remain competitive, many of those previously resistant to GPS tracking now support it as part of their overall strategy. The machine-to-machine and vehicle  telematics markets have matured to the point that costs have been driven down, and prior  barriers to entry have been diminished. The high level of visibility and control that a world-  class GPS tracking system offers, coupled with lower associated costs, fosters an  environment where investment in a solution is simply too sensible to ignore. The many  benefits easily offset and greatly outweigh the expense.

 If you are among those seeking a quantum-leap in efficiency, effectiveness, security, and  profitability, then look no further. From global fleet tracking to the monitoring of mental  health patients, EasyTracGPS understands and can deliver an integrated solution, tailor-  made to your specific needs. Our GPS tracking devices and SAAS (software-as-a-service)  platforms address every scenario, and can accommodate every request, no matter how  minor.

 Our team of dedicated support specialists offers a personalized and passionate level of service to all of our clients. Our technology experts and software engineers continue to introduce solutions that stand head and shoulders above their counterparts. Moving forward, through continued deployment of our core GPS tracking products, we stand ready to help your organization achieve all of its goals and objectives. Your success is our success. We would love to be of service and look forward to hearing from you.

The eye in the sky is EasyTracGPS, “We Find Meaning Behind the Data.”

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