For decades, Ryder System Inc. has been one of the most conspicuous transportation and logistics companies on North American roads, focusing heavily today on commercial truck leasing for businesses and fleets of all types. Part of the company’s evolution is the steady adoption of alternative fuel vehicles.

Scott Perry, vice president of supply management for Ryder’s Fleet Management Solutions business segment, tells NGT News that the motivation for shifting parts of its fleet away from diesel and gasoline has been both financial and environmental.

“For several years, the cost of fuel has been top of mind for many of our customers,” he says. “We’ve pursued these technologies, particularly natural gas, to offer our customers an option that can help offset the cost of diesel and bring more predictability.”

Ryder’s work with alternative fuels actually began in 2007 with its RydeGreen medium-duty hybrid-electric truck. Today, there are 30 of these units in circulation, all of which feature hybrid drive systems from Eaton. The trucks are both Freightliner and Navistar models.